In May 2019, Yassine el Attar, a multiple Dutch karate champion in his weight-class, joined forces with our brand to become the face of Jextar, a high specification hex socket screw in stainless steel and titanium. Now, two years later, and Yassine is getting sponsored again for the coming year by Jeveka. But just what does this consist of, and what do Yassine and Jeveka mean to each other? How does he combine this role with his regular job at Jeveka? When can we see Yassine in action again? And, is he still competing in the Olympic games?

We spoke with Yassine about these issues during a recent interview via Teams.

What exactly does the sponsorship deal consist of?
“Our partnership began in 2019, because karate and the strength of the Jextar screws shared many features. I am the face of Jextar and I am in the foreground of various marketing communications (banners, on the website, on social media, etc.,) and I also wear the Jextar logo on my karate and training outfits. In exchange for this Jeveka covers my traveling costs to (international) competitions.”

But how do you manage, because don’t you also work at Jeveka in your ‘regular’ job?
“Sure, I work 40 hours at Jeveka in the finance department, and the karate fits in alongside that. Luckily, I have the opportunity to work flexibly at Jeveka. Really, what everyone is doing now due to corona is what I was already doing: as long as I work my hours, it doesn’t matter that much if I do it in the evenings or during the day. I train a lot in the mornings and evenings, but also sometimes also in the afternoons, if necessary. Jeveka and my manager in particular very much keep this in mind, and make allowances for my work times. The relationship with my manager is very good. I use my vacation days for competitions, but in additional Jeveka ensures I have a number of free days to take some real rest.”

When can we see you in action again?
“Right now, with corona, that is indeed still the question. The matches are all postponed; until when, exactly we still don’t know. So, for now you just have to make do with this film! It’s nice that I now have the chance to focus on other things. Normally, I would have to be out of the country nearly every two weeks for competitions. Now I can work on improving a number of different things, whereas before I just did not have the time to focus on them. Right now, I am working very hard on ‘karate combat’: a somewhat more violent form of karate more focused on delivering a ‘knock out’ blow to the opponent. It is more a kind of MMA (mixed martial art), in which multiple combat techniques are combined. In the film, you will see just what I mean.”

Note: That film shows a stark contrast with how we all know Yassine: as a kind, and calm colleague!

And what about the Olympic Games?
“I really want to go. I would have taken part in the qualifying completion in Paris last May, but it was postponed due to corona. Until when…we still don’t know. The Olympic Games were originally going to be taking place in Tokyo during the summer of 2020, but are now postponed until 23rd July to 8th August 2021. Hopefully that can go ahead.”

In brief: It remains a difficult time for Yassine, and therefore also for Jeveka. In the meantime, we are strengthening each other and we have high hopes for Yassine’s participation in the Olympic Games 2021!

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