Fastened joints in which the fastenings are exposed to extreme lateral vibration require special consideration. It is important that the vibrations cannot cause these to become loose over time. Examples of this challenging situation include trains, agricultural harvesters and medical MRI machines. Jeveka uses a Junker test machine to simulate these conditions, and test the effectiveness of the selected fasteners.

2018-10-31_DSC4105 Junker testmachine.RGB-bijgesneden.jpg

A Junker test machine (also known as a Junker machine) tests fastened joints in accordance with DIN 65151. Its compact dimensions and relatively low weight mean that our Junker test machine is also suitable for tests and demonstrations on site.

The measurement results indicate the force exerted on these fasteners over time, at the given frequency, as well as the displacement as a result of the vibration. This is an indication of the strength of the fastened joint.

The machine is highly programmable, which means that you can obtain good insight into the performance of a fastened joint under realistic conditions, and for various types of vibration.

Please also see the movie below for more information about the Junker test machine.

Do you wish to have a specific fastened joint or fastener tested with our Junker test machine? Please contact us.

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