Developed by Jeveka: Jextar Titanium and Jextar Stainless Steel. Jextar was born in response to the need for stronger stainless steel and titanium fasteners.

Jextar stainless steel

Jextar was born in response to the need for stronger stainless steel fasteners. We knew this was possible and we knew we had to come up with an absolute champion. After extensive research and testing we have succeeded. The Jextar fasteners are stronger than regular A4-80 stainless steel fasteners. In each test the tensile strength easily exceeded 900 N/mm².

  • Tensile strength > 900 N/mm²
  • Material 1.4432 SST A4-80
  • Competitive pricing
  • Headmarking J or J900
  • Full traceability
  • Test reports available

Jextar titanium
Developed by Jeveka, the Jextar titanium grade 5 (WS 3.7165) hexagon socket screw exceeds ISO 4762. The socket is pressed (not drilled and plugged) and has a very small chamfer. Completely turned burr-free head. From M3 rolled wire with burr-free wire in and out.

  • Pressed head and rolled thread
  • Fully turned burr free cylinder head
  • Material WS 3.7165
  • Head marking J
  • Full traceability
  • Test reports available

Jextar and Yassine, a strong combination
“I am honored to be the face of Jextar,” Yassine says, when we ask him what this sponsorship means to him. “This gives me a boost. Normally I finance everything myself, from training to the trips abroad. Jeveka makes it a lot easier for me to focus on my goal: the Olympic Games in 2021, where Karate is featured for the first time. ” The similarities between Yassine and Jextar are striking. Both have come a long way after extensive preliminary work, and both have the drive to be the best. That is why it was immediately clear to Jeveka that Yassine is the right face for Jextar. “Both are powerful and dynamic, and you can rely on both to get the job done.”

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