The Unbrako brand name is known over the whole world. These hex-socket screws are suitable for all applications where high strength is needed.

With a rated strength of up to 1300 Mpa, this is the strongest of all hex-socket screws. Unbrako hex-socket screws are utilised in high-end industries such as automotive, road construction, space travel, heavy machinery and military applications.

Applications for hex-socket fasteners include:
  • Mechanical engineering machines
  • Industrial machinery
  • High-tech equipment
  • Heavy Plant Machinery (eg. Diggers, Bulldozers, etc.)
  • Mining machines
  • Tool and Mould-making
Unbrako sets the standard
The well-known hex-socket screw (aka ‘Allen Screw’) was first developed in 1920 and quickly became the choice of engineers in the United States and Great Britain. After the Second World War, the products of Unbrako became widespread in all worldwide markets. To this day, Unbrako is seen as the benchmark for quality standards in more than 25 industrialised nations.

Exclusively sold by selected distributors
Unbrako is sold exclusively by technically-qualified distributors. Jeveka has been the Unbrako specialist since 1946, and is the exclusive representative for the Dutch and Belgian markets. We supply an extensive range of Unbrako screws with Metric, UNC, UNF and Gas threads. Jeveka has the largest stock of Unbrako goods in Europe.

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