Kato: the standard for screw thread inserts and revolutionary in all aspects.

Kato is a division of Advanex. This Japanese company is specialised in the production of torsion springs, wire-form parts, and CoilThread® inserts. Kato CoilThread inserts are spiral-shaped fastening products which form a permanent and secure screw-thread. They are often much stronger than the strength of the material into which the insert has been applied.

Up to 60% efficiency-savings with KATO Tangless inserts
The KATO Tangless inserts are of identical form, fit and functionality when compared to the standard threaded inserts (such as CoilThread, Helicoil and Recoil). The KATO Tangless insert is designed without a tang, only a notch. Because of this, the tang does not need to be removed, and this saves on production time.

Advanex produces (among other things) metal and plastic parts, springs, and inserts. Their products are used across a broad market, including diverse industries such as the machine building, agriculture, medical, and aerospace industries. Along with Jeveka, they are your partner for making your production processes and products as efficient as possible. Jeveka is the exclusive distributor for the Netherlands.

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