For many years, the tools made by Schumacher have been meeting the high quality standards and requirements set by the market.

Schumacher has a strong focus on Research and Development. They are continually conducting research into cutting techniques and machining tools. The production of taps and dies using high-tech machines and specialised apparatus ensures a consistent level of quality.

Schumacher Universal: One tap for all materials
Based on Schumacher’s ToolDesign and ToolSimulation design modules, the engineers at Schumacher have now developed one tap for all of the most important working materials. The goals for this design were versatility of application, improved durability, and lower costs for each tapped hole.

Over the years, Schumacher has acquired an outstanding reputation and has developed a wide variety of taps and dies for optimised machining of specific materials. These include LFB, for Lead-free brass; Polar, for stainless steel; and Mistral for aluminium. Schumacher has a wide database with more than 30,000 different tools.

Schumacher’s range includes:
  • Machine taps
  • Hand taps
  • Die nuts
  • Dies
  • Die holders
Since 1993, Jeveka has been the exclusive distributor for Schumacher in the Netherlands.

Product categories of SCHUMACHER

News - SmartBin in a cleanroom environment

At Jeveka, we provide tailored solutions. We always go just that extra step further, to give our clients the best service. We also do this for those clients that work in cleanrooms. Jeveka can now say with pride that, in addition to offering the highest quality fastening materials for cleanrooms, we now also offer logistical solutions for the cleanroom environment. SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud are fully compatible with your cleanroom environment!

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