1937 Foundation of Jeveka (left) & 1940 Prinsengracht (right)

Founder Johannes (Joop) Veltkamp registered Jeveka under the name JEVEKA Technical Metal Products with the Chamber of Commerce on 1 June 1937. In those days, Joop Veltkamp still traded from his parents’ living room at Mariottestraat 4 in Amsterdam East.

After the depression in the 1930s, under the influence of rearmament, the economy started to recover and the living room became too small. Joop Veltkamp relocated his office and warehouse to a space that he hired at Prinsengracht 662 on 8 January 1940.


1943 Turning point

After 1943, conditions worsened because of the war. In an attempt to keep his head above water, Jeveka became a stove manufacturer. Veltkamp developed a range of waffle irons, hobs, ovens and stoves.

1945 Liberation

After the liberation, contacts with suppliers could be restored. The supply of a limited number of screws and nuts became possible again.

1946 Unbrako

At the beginning of 1946, Joop Veltkamp became sole representative of the English Unbrako Socket Screw Co. Ltd. This meant that Jeveka obtained a promising range.

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