What exactly is a Hyperloop?
A Hyperloop is the concept of running a magnetically-levitating (Maglev) train in a vacuum. The concept was presented in 2012 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It is a transport system which makes use of an air pressure-controlled tube through which people and goods can be transported. The idea is that you could eventually travel from Amsterdam to Paris in less than 30 minutes. Musk launched the SpaceX Hyperloop competition in 2017. At that moment the Delft Hyperloop project was born, with the first team of 36 students from the TU Delft. They worked on a voluntary basis on the first of the Hyperloop pods and won the overall 1st Prize for the 2000 participating students.

Delft Hyperloop in 2021
Meanwhile, the fifth Delft Hyperloop team is already working, at times day and night, with all of their knowledge and expertise on bringing the Hyperloop technology and the concept to the next level. The team consists of 35 talented individuals, each of whom are following different courses (including those in the areas of aerospace engineering, applied mathematics and physics, industrial design, mechanical engineering and IT), and each aiming to prove the technical and commercial feasibility of the Hyperloop concept.

This year will feature not only a Hyperloop pod, but also a track which the motor can run on. Daan Witte: “This is truly unique; we are the only student team that has come up with their own track”. So, when is it going to be completed then? “That’s something we don’t precisely know yet, of course, however we still hope that it will be ready for 2040. Every year there is a new team that works towards the further development of the Hyperloop concept. Right now we are busy focused on the future, and every year we get a little bit closer to achieving a truly functioning Hyperloop.

The European Hyperloop Week
Because Elon Musk didn’t have time to organise the competition himself, the Delft Hyperloop along with 3 other student teams in Europe have taken up the task of organising this for themselves, and this is how the European Hyperloop Week (EHW) came about. Delft Hyperloop has decided with the EHW to challenge the participating teams to even more ambitious goals; to create a full Hyperloop and additionally a Hyperloop-ecosystem. The first edition will take place in Valencia from the 19th until the 25th July. During this week, there will be various speakers from important stakeholders in the Hyperloop industry, and different Hyperloop competitions will be organised for the 25 participating student teams. Delft Hyperloop will compete in five of the six categories: Complete Pod Design Award, Propulsion Subsystem Award, Mechanical Subsystem Award, Electrical Subsystem Award and the Full-Scale Award.

The Collaboration between Jeveka and Delft Hyperloop
We also spoke with Witte about the collaboration between Jeveka and Delft Hyperloop.

“Why are we working with Jeveka? That is easy: because it’s always right with Jeveka. The quality is exceptional and reliable. That’s something you need when you’re working with the enormous forces that you get with a Hyperloop. We can also be very flexible with Jeveka. If we need to make an adjustment to the design - perhaps needing a longer screw for example - then we can because of the wide range available at Jeveka. Also, there is always lots of information and documentation available for the products, and that is great. From the previous teams to the fifth team, the experiences with Jeveka have all been positive; according to them it was pleasant to work with the Jeveka products and they’re easy to order.”  

Jeveka products in the Delft Hyperloop
According to Witte there are more Jeveka fasteners being used this year in the Hyperloop and the track than ever before. But which products go into a Hyperloop (track)? Well, examples include washers, circlips, slotted screw inserts, Ripp self-locking flange nuts, inserts and various Unbrako screws. And that’s not all – you see, there is a lot to consider when building a Hyperloop. And Jeveka is only happy to help.

Why is Jeveka working together with Delft Hyperloop?
Through investment we ensure growth and continuous improvement. At Jeveka we invest not only in our people, our relationships with customers and suppliers, but also in a sustainable future full of opportunity. That is why we have been sponsoring a variety of different projects for students at technical universities and colleges for years. By working closely with the students we are not only involved in technical innovations, but we are actively shaping a more sustainable future.

With Hyperloops we see vehicles that can travel at speeds of more than 1000km/h due to the low air-resistance, while also being more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient than airplanes. We are aware of our responsibilities relating to society and the environment. And that is why we have such an interest in sponsoring the Delft Hyperloop.

Jeveka wishes Delft Hyperloop the very best of luck during the European Hyperloop Week!

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