A logical step was to create an expertise group within our organization to focus entirely on this area. Therefore, this summer we set up a new ‘Engineering & Supply Chain Consultancy’ department. This department focuses on providing expertise in two important areas: Engineering and Supply Chain. 

Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain Consultancy helps to reduce the costs of storage, logistics, and ordering. We offer a range of solutions that take the strain off our customers in this respect. These solutions include automation, process optimisation, and organising the warehouse or production area differently. The Supply Chain Consultancy department provides clear figures that immediately demonstrate how much a particular solution can deliver. The purchasing department can therefore make an immediate impact with cost savings.

Engineering Department

Our Engineering Department is a competent intermediary and resource for engineers who design machines and modules. The Engineering Department speaks their language and thereby makes our knowledge accessible in a way that makes sense. Using the right fastener reduces your machine failures. By considering new possibilities (and availability) at the design stage, you save a lot of money in the long term. Our engineering department can help you with this. This way it is easily possible to outsource a part of the selection process.

The Engineering & Supply Chain Consultancy department (from left to right):
Daniël de Graaf, mechanical engineer
Michel van Nieuwenhuizen, procurement, product & service manager
Robin Kuhlman, product manager
Amico Bonnet, quality control
Rob Koppes, supply chain management consultant

Engineering & Supply Chain Consultancy

This department enables us to analyse and quantify all the advantages, disadvantages and possibilities within this area. By doing this, they can paint a clear picture of costs and benefits that each of the services and products in our broad portfolio can bring to your situation. The Engineering & Supply Chain Consultancy department serves as a direct consultation partner for other companies in the industry, and as a helpdesk and back-up for our own sales consultants. Our hope is that this will further increase the value of our service.

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