Jeveka remains available as normal, and continues to deliver as normal.

The safety measures at Jeveka 

  • We are keeping our distance and not shaking hands
  • Up to the middle of December (or until further notice), we will not be making any visits or receiving any visitors. Picking-up and restocking for customers is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Many staff members are working from home. Staff who are on-site are working as far apart from each other as possible. We are still easy to reach by telephone.
  • Because the office occupancy is lower than normal, Jeveka is temporarily available until 16.30 instead of the usual 17.00.

Do you have questions about these safety measures? Then please contact your Jeveka representative.

Delivery period and coronavirus
The coronavirus has not yet had any impact on our delivery period. However, we have no influence on measures that might be enacted by local government in the future. We will always keep you informed in the unlikely event of a delay to your delivery.

If there are any changes to the current situation, then we will communicate this quickly and transparently. The official statement on this situation is always available on this website.

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