Jeveka's precautionary measures have been tightened up in accordance with the guidelines set by the Dutch government and the RIVM (The Dutch Health Ministry), with regard to the novel coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2). The measures taken by Jeveka regarding the coronavirus will make sure that Jeveka remains accessible and will continue to deliver as normal - safely.

Jeveka has a large stock of products. To date, most of the products that Jeveka purchases from its suppliers have not been affected. Yet, with some products we are experiencing longer delivery times than usual. Jeveka is monitoring this issue with the highest priority, sensitivity, and attention.

The measures taken by Jeveka:
• We are maintaining the appropriate distance, and not shaking hands
• Jeveka is ceasing to fulfil orders that are physically collected from Jeveka (until further notice). Of course, we will continue to send orders from our warehouse. Orders placed before 4pm are shipped the same day.
• Up to and including 18th of November (or until further notice), we will not be making any visits and will not receive any visitors. Recording and restocking of customers will be coordinated with the customer.
• Employees involved in secondary processes are working from home. This frees-up workplaces for colleagues who work in primary processes so that they can spread their work more evenly throughout the building.
• The occupancy at the office is lower than normal. Therefore Jeveka is temporarily available only until 4.30pm instead of 5pm.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding these measures.

Delivery time and coronavirus

Please be aware that due to the coronavirus we cannot guarantee the normal delivery time, as mentioned above. There may certainly be an impact on the usual delivery period resulting from the coronavirus, but we cannot reasonably foresee to what extent.

We therefore expressly stipulate that the time for delivery is only indicative, and may be exceeded due to the consequences of the coronavirus, e.g. for the manufacturing process, the supply of components by subcontractors, the transport of products, access to sites, etc.

By acceptance of our present quotation, including this express stipulation for the time periods for delivery and delay, you agree that we will not be liable for any of your costs and damages resulting from delay in our delivery due to the coronavirus and that we will be allowed to suspend delivery until the consequences of the coronavirus can reasonably be overcome, taking all circumstances into account. Any agreed liquidated damages and/or penalties which would become due in case of delay will not be due if delayed, and insofar as the delay is a result of the coronavirus.

We review the latest situation on this matter daily. Based on this, we will estimate all potential scenarios as best as possible, in order to respond adequately. We will always follow the official guidelines of the government and the RIVM in this regard.

If changes in the current situation occur, we will communicate as quickly and transparently as possible. You will always find the official statement on this website.

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