Stainless steel alloys are commonly used in corrosive environments due to their superb corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, these alloys exhibit poor galling and wear resistance, which limits their lifespan or range of application.

For this reason, many industrial applications rely on Kolsterising® to eliminate galling. Kolsterising® not only overcomes the galling issue, but also dramatically improves wear resistance and fatigue strength.

In the untreated condition, a threshold galling stress of 45.5 MPa (6.6 KSI) was measured. Following Kolsterising® treatment, galling was completely eliminated.

At a load setting of 842.5 MPa (122.2 KSI) the compressive yield strength of the material was exceeded, yet no galling was observed.

Kolsterising® is just one of the surface treatments we offer.

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