Ricalinda started working at Jeveka two years ago. Initially, she started in the Logistics department but it did not take long before she joined the Production team on a part-time basis. She now works full-time at the Production department. Ricalinda: ‘In the beginning it took some getting used to, having only male colleagues. But they’re good to me – they treat me with respect and like a sister.’

In the Production department, Ricalinda is responsible for milling. The machine is set up based on a technical drawing. She makes sure that the products are properly finished with the milling machine. For example, she is currently working on a batch of almost 4,000 units. Ricalinda explains: ‘We work based on drawings, which means we can then switch quickly and increase or reduce the size of the series. We also handle orders to make prototypes for our customers.’

While the machine is happily ‘milling away’, Ricalinda has time to do other things in between. For example, she cleans, deburrs, and checks the overall quality of the finished products. Quality is one of Jeveka’s core values and is therefore an important part of the entire production process.

Only products that meet our quality requirements are dispatched by our Logistics department – after a final inspection, of course!

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