Based on an analysis of the most popular materials, the team at Schumacher Precision Tools GmbH has redefined a requirement profile for a novel universal geometry. Achievements of this design include a greater flexibility in use, improved tool life in a specified range of target materials, and a reduction of the cost per thread for the user.

Due to an extensive redesign, one of the strongest currently available universal geometries has emerged.

Development of Geometry

Starting at the end of 2013, the engineers and application engineers at Schumacher utilised the design modules ToolDesign and ToolSimulation to develop a tool for creating threads in the most common categories of material.

Compared to the previous geometry, all essential geometry parameters were devised and further improved. In addition to the design and relationship of shaft and flutes, the improved features include the section geometry, the surface treatment, and the deburring, grinding and buffing procedure.

For the new high-performance geometry, the most popular materials were subjected to analysis. Compared to the previous geometry, all significant parameters were developed and further improved.

Long-term testing

Variants were tested repeatedly, in multiple stages of development, against the strongest available threading tools. At the conclusion of the project, two of the most powerful universal tools for the premium segment had been born. Prominent features of the new design are the optimisation of the ratio of thread and groove, as well as the adjustment to the taper (conicity) of the threaded section.

The new universal line of threading tools has a combination of all the essential properties, thanks to a fresh approach. A complete redesign of the cutting geometry was realised; combining aspects of groove geometry and adjustments to cutting and clearance angles. In addition, improvements were made to the surface technology with fine-tuning of the vaporisation process, and a new approach to the grinding processes for optimized machining of target materials.

Tool versions of the new high-performance geometries:

HSS-E, straight groove, Section Form B, for passage hole:

Vaporised version
Jeveka article: S31926 SE (up to M10)
Jeveka article: S41926 SE (M12 and larger)
With TiN-coating
Jeveka article: S31925 SE (up to M10)
Jeveka article: S41925 SE (M12 and larger)

HSS-E, Right spirals approx. 40°, Section Form C, for blind hole:

Vaporised version
Jeveka article: S33326 SE (up to M10)
Jeveka article: S43326 SE (M12 and larger)
With TiN-coating
Jeveka article: S33325 SE (up to M10)
Jeveka article: S43325 SE (M12 and larger)

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