Searching by ASML number

At the top of the webshop next to the search bar there is now an option to search by ASML number. You can type a 12-digit numerical code (12NC) directly into the search field. If this is in our system, then the corresponding Jeveka item will be shown. When typing-in the 12NC number the separating dots are not necessary. This function is available after logging-in.



Auto-complete for searches

With our new auto-complete function, a list will be shown with suggestions that complete what you have already typed.  The list with suggestions is shown with all the different kinds of numbers that can be used for searches.


Saving of last used search option

Before, the dropdown would always automatically revert to searching by DIN-number after a search. Now however, the last used search option will be retained during the session - so you no longer have to do this manually if you search for something other than by DIN-number.

Automatic rounding-off by sales unit

Previously, it was the case that any deviation in order quantity (compared to the sales unit/pack size) was not automatically rounded-off, and this had to be adjusted manually yourself. Now any difference in the quantity will be automatically rounded-up in (multiples of) the sales unit. Whenever the quantity is automatically rounded-up, a pop-up will appear on the screen to inform you of this. The automatic rounding will also apply for Quick-orders whenever a list with items is imported. To give a clear indication about which items have been rounded, a message will appear on the screen showing the relevant items that have been rounded-up, and the totals of those rounded quantities.


Saving of last used delivery address

Since the update, the last used delivery address will be retained for the next order that you place. Previously, the selected delivery address would always go back to the first address on the list by default.

Print button added to enable printing of product pages

On each product page there is a ‘print’ button with which you can easily print or save pages as a PDF. Using this function, the specifications of the product will be shown on the document. Because the price of the item will also be shown on the document, the date will be included on each printed page.




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