CPM Europe manufactures a series of pellet mills of various capacities, which can produce compact pellets from a powdery raw material. The company wanted to produce their machines more efficiently and asked us if we could help in this.

Together, we searched for a solution which would maximise the availability of fasteners on the workshop floor, with the lowest possible difficulty for CPM Europe. Our solution means that CPM Europe has a flexible floor stock at the production location, fewer item movements in the workshop, and extra space in their own warehouse. Moreover, nobody at CPM Europe needs to monitor the stock and place orders - this takes place weekly “by itself” by a Jeveka employee.

In consultation with René Wardenier, CPM Europe’s Technical Buyer, we built an order picking trolley with a clear layout. It is clearly organised according to size, material type, and production sequence. The material is indicated by the colour of the container. The robust trolley is on large wheels, enabling it to be moved easily around the workshop.

We supply the trolley direct to the production location (where it remains), so that the floor stock is always available at the actual location where the item is assembled. Our logistics systems calculate minimum and maximum stock levels per fastener for the relevant production.

A Jeveka employee reviews the containers weekly, and places the order for additional fasteners. This enables the production of pellet mills to continue unhindered and CPM Europe employees can concentrate on what they are good at, including building machinery, while relying on Jeveka logistics.

We enjoy ‘thinking along’ with our customers to devise the best possible logistics solution.

Order picking trolleys are just one of the many solutions that are possible. If you are you interested in streamlining your production process, please contact your personal sales adviser, or the sales department.

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