SmartBinTM is a logistics system, developed by Bossard (Switzerland). Jeveka is the exclusive reseller of SmartBin in the Netherlands.

The system simplifies inventory management by automating essential tasks. SmartBin monitors the floor stock continuously using calibrated weight sensors. Each container (or pallet) stands on individual scales. There are both wired (SmartBin Classic) and wireless (SmartBin Flex) versions available. SmartBin Classic is used for stationary pallet racking, whereas SmartBin Flex is extremely suitable for mobile applications, such as moveable tables or pallet racking in a production environment.

The advanced SmartBin software processes the data that it receives from the connected sensors. Using adjustable parameters, Jeveka ensures that there is always sufficient stock available - without overstocking - even when there are seasonal influences or other variable factors that affect stock use. The electronic orders are placed automatically by the SmartBin inventory management software and can be supplied by Jeveka staff or via your own warehouse.

Nijdra Group is a professional supplier of precision components and mechatronic modules intended for the high-tech industry. This family company, established in 1947 in Middenbeemster in North Holland, operates from three sites.

Jeveka has been supplying fasteners for the assembly of OEM products at Nijdra since the 1980s. To further optimise logistics processes and inventory management, and following thorough preparation, we installed the Netherlands’ very first SmartBin system in early 2018.

For more information about this worry-free logistics solution and the SmartBin possibilities, please contact our sales department.

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