Jeveka carefully selected a producer of high-quality titanium products and has worked with this producer for almost 10 years.

This producer primarily caters for the automotive industry, medical sector, chemical industry, and aviation and aerospace industries. As innovations in these sectors have developed rapidly in recent years, the technical possibilities are now enormous.

A wide range of in-house machinery (including water-jet cutting machines, seven axis CNC machines and multi-spindle machines), as well as a 3D printer for prototypes and various in-house finishing capabilities, enable production of a wide range of standard products and specials  - with good and reliable delivery times.

As the production takes place in Europe (and the raw materials are always certified), you can rest assured that the materials meet the highest quality standards. Products are also tested in a quality room during production, enabling certificates to be delivered with the products.

As the exclusive supplier of titanium products in the Netherlands, the options we can offer are second to none. If you’d like to know more about these options, please get in touch! Both our and our producer’s engineering departments will be delighted to develop titanium turned parts and milled components, tailored just for you.

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