The new office space has a surface area of 246 m2 including a mezzanine that can be used as storage space. With this extension, we are able to give room for our growing team of engineers, supply chain consultants, and quality control specialists. Talented people brimming with knowledge and creative solutions simply need the space to thrive.

Just a screw isn’t enough anymore
That knowledge and creativity is often put to the test. The sale of fasteners alone is no longer enough. You want a smart technical solution that fulfils all of the quality requirements and that fits 100% with your design. Technical involvement in the design process is a trend that we at Jeveka are seeing more frequently. Our engineers keep themselves busy on a daily basis with questions such as: What kind of fasteners are the best to use in our design, and how many? Which materials and/or surface treatments would be best to use? Is the rated tensile strength of the screw strong enough?

This kind of cooperation, also known as co-engineering, ensures that we develop technical and high-quality fasteners together. An efficient design leads to lower costs and a faster time-to-market. In addition to co-engineering, you can use our quality control experts for materials research and for conducting strength calculations and analyses.

The perfect torque
Strength calculations and analyses are carried out in our quality control room. This room has been updated and upgraded during the renovation with new apparatus such as a spectrograph and a 3D printer. The goal? To increase our early supplier involvement. Because of our early involvement in the process, you as the client can optimally make use of our expertise on request. In the quality control room we test loose products as well as combinations and connections. Examples of tests that we undertake:

  • Determining the correct torque/friction coefficient
  • Researching the tensile strength of a screw
  • Measurement of a material’s hardness
  • Measuring if and when a bolted fastening will break via Junker test
  • Measuring the alloy of a metal
  • Making of prototypes with 3D-printer

The advanced measuring apparatus puts us in an excellent position to give clear advice about the quality of fasteners. The quality control room is available for our clients, under the guidance of our experts, to conduct tests or for training purposes.

In practice
Things can always be more efficient, according to the engineers. Are you in the midst of a design process, or do you have a different question? Then just email us at

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