Tensile tester

Tensile tester

To be able to test the strength of fasteners in diverse material and strength classes, Jeveka uses a tensile tester, rated up to 150 kN. Our tensile tester accepts fasteners from M2 to M12. This means that we can test all common sizes of fasteners in the standard steel classes reliably - from 4.8, 8.8 via 12.9 to Unbrako 130.

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The tensile tester is fully-programmable. As a result, the tensile tester provides a detailed report with the properties of the specifically tested material, including the tensile strength. For more information, please see the newsletter about our tensile tester.

In addition to our own ongoing quality control, the tensile tester is available for our customers’ projects and, in certain cases, for use by students of technical study programmes.

Please contact us for more information regarding our tensile tester.

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