Discount groups

Discount groups

Overview of the discount groups

Jeveka has a clear discount structure and options for contract prices. We use the following discount groups:

Group Main products in group
PD000 Specials
PD001 Fasteners, steel (very fast movers)
PD003 Fasteners, steel (fast movers)
PD005 Products with thread e.g. anti-theft
PD006 Brass, copper, bronze
PD007 Products without thread
PD008 SS hex bolts/screws/nuts and washers
PD009 SS screws: slotted, cross recessed, Torx
PD010 SS socket screws
PD011 SS misc. fasteners: metric, inch, without thread
PD012 8.8/10.9: hex bolts/screws/nuts
PD015 8.8/10.9/12.9 socket screws (non-Unbrako)
PD017 UNBRAKO: DIN 911-912-913-916-7991
PD018 UNBRAKO: DIN 911-912-913-916-7991 zinc plated
PD019 UNBRAKO: inch, metric misc.; shoulder screws
PD020 UNBRAKO: Durlok bolts and nuts
PD023 JEXTAR: SS A4 >900 N/mm² and Ti5 socket screws
PD024 Circlips
PD025 SPIROL: inserts, steel spring pins and steel disc springs
PD026 Blind rivets and blind rivet nuts
PD027 Riveting tools
PD028 BÄCKER: control elements and plastic fasteners
PD029 JECLIN: fasteners for vacuum and cleanroom
PD030 Fasteners for EUV
PD035 SCHUMACHER: machine taps, hand taps and circular dies
PD036 H.BILZ: countersinking and drilling tools
PD037 FIBRO: precision punches and ejector pins
PD038 FIBRO: sliding elements and gas springs
PD039 FIBRO: guide elements, Fibroflex, springs and specials
PD040 KATO: Tangless and standard inserts
PD041 KATO: tools for inserts
PD042 H+S: precision gauge; twist drills; jig bushes
PD043 MAGNA: permanent magnets
PD044 PERMABOND: sealants and adhesives
PD045 AMF, HYLATECHNIK and fastener assortments

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News - SmartBin in a cleanroom environment

At Jeveka, we provide tailored solutions. We always go just that extra step further, to give our clients the best service. We also do this for those clients that work in cleanrooms. Jeveka can now say with pride that, in addition to offering the highest quality fastening materials for cleanrooms, we now also offer logistical solutions for the cleanroom environment. SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud are fully compatible with your cleanroom environment!

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