With SmartBin™ you don't have to manage your inventory - SmartBin does it for you. Even placing orders and arranging deliveries is automated. We call this ‘Total Service 4.0’

Total service 4.0

The SmartBin™ system is a fully-automated logistics system consisting of a SmartBin and scales. These scales are fitted with sensors that produce a signal once a pre-set inventory level is reached. The weight sensors monitor inventory levels in each container continuously. These signals are sent to Jeveka via the internet. 

We then ensure that the products you need are delivered in good time to your warehouse or to a specific site. As well as fixed SmartBin racks there is also a mobile version that can be moved from one area of the workplace to another. New items can be easily added, as required.

one system; ready for Smart Industry

For more information, or if you’d like our help in using SmartBin to streamline your logistics process, please contact us:

The SmartBin advantages

  • Reduced man-hours
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Data analysis
  • Identification of anomalies
  • Saves space
  • Professional appearance

We work together with Bossard to provide SmartBin solutions.


News - SmartBin in a cleanroom environment

At Jeveka, we provide tailored solutions. We always go just that extra step further, to give our clients the best service. We also do this for those clients that work in cleanrooms. Jeveka can now say with pride that, in addition to offering the highest quality fastening materials for cleanrooms, we now also offer logistical solutions for the cleanroom environment. SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud are fully compatible with your cleanroom environment!

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