Through conscious investment, we can ensure growth and continuous improvement for the future. At Jeveka, we invest in more than just our own people and our relationships with customers and suppliers. We also make investments in a sustainable and promising future - through sponsorship.

Jeveka sponsors innovation and sustainability

For many years, we have provided support and sponsorship in a wide range of beneficial projects involving students at technical universities and universities of applied science. By working closely with these students, we can support technical innovations in addition to playing an active role in shaping a sustainable future.

Some examples of projects that we support:

Formula Student Team Delft

The Formula Student Team Delft has been designing, building, and racing Formula-style cars since 1999. Formula Student Team Delft’s racing car (shown in the photo, below) is 100% electric. This electric racing car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hour in 2.2 seconds using four electric motors that supply a combined 187 HP (specifications from 2017 model). Jeveka likes to sponsor projects like this, because they combine innovation, sustainability and the advancement of knowledge.


Delft Hyperloop

The Hyperloop is a transportation concept which is as convenient as a train, while being faster than an aeroplane. In 2015, Elon Musk launched a competition aimed at developing this modern and energy-efficient means of transport. Students at Technical University Delft (TU Delft) formed a team and founded Delft Hyperloop. They built a pod that shot through SpaceX’s Hyperloop test track in California in the summer of 2017 – and Delft Hyperloop won the first prize! They are still working hard to make the pod even better.

Click here for more information about Delft Hyperloop. 

delft hyperloop

Project MARCH

This team of TU Delft students is constructing an exoskeleton that ultimately will enable paraplegic patients to walk again. The team is working hard to come up with solutions to the many challenges involved, from motorisation issues to weight-saving issues. The exoskeleton is tested each year during a special obstacle course.

Click here for more information about Project MARCH.





News - SmartBin in a cleanroom environment

At Jeveka, we provide tailored solutions. We always go just that extra step further, to give our clients the best service. We also do this for those clients that work in cleanrooms. Jeveka can now say with pride that, in addition to offering the highest quality fastening materials for cleanrooms, we now also offer logistical solutions for the cleanroom environment. SmartBin Cloud and SmartLabel Cloud are fully compatible with your cleanroom environment!

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